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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

OnceInALife provides users with adventure tour-related information, availability, and cost. The user can access this service from any part of India at any time.

Before opting for any service with onceinalife, the user should read the terms and conditions of the services provided.

Upon accepting the service of onceinalife, defines that the user accepts all the terms and conditions of the service.

OnceInALife reserves all the rights to modify the terms and conditions at any point of time, which users are responsible to review regularly.

The user accepts not to use any portion of the service for commercial purposes, as these services are only for personal use.

For communication with our users, we may use the mediums like email, and messages providing information for various packages and for their availability status.

The users can use the same medium for communicating with us, accepting to undertake that while using our communication service they will not – harass, stalk, abuse, or upload any unwanted files.

OnceInALife reserves all the rights to terminate the access to the services of any users, without any notice.

Regarding payment, OnceInALife reserves all the rights to charge a payment for the listing price, and even to modify any or all the prices from time to time, without any notice.

About any direct or indirect unauthorized access to your user id, OnceInALife is not responsible, the user is self-responsible for any of these activities or related to them.

On this website we ask for certain user personal information such as name, email, contact no., address, etc. this information is essential for providing booking for your specified activities and even to update you with our other new policies.