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Extreme Challenge

Untamed Extreme Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge for the effective response Orientation

The Pressure

The set of ultimate challenge for the effective response orientation.

The Energy

Use a balanced set of energy for varied obstacles. Improve your decision ability.

The Spirit

Have a good set spirit to tackle obstacles. It helps you boost your inner confidence.

The Nature

Co-ordinate with team to handle challenges. Helps you to improve team's work ability.

Energy to be Used

Mind game & quick response ability is the core need for this challenge, you will get to know you’re learning ability.

Once In A Life

It’s better to know more

The Extremes

Obstacle Race - Extreme Challenge

Obstacle Race

Complete the given set of obstacles to win the race.
Cycle Obstacle - Extreme Challenge

Cycle Obstacle

Ride good and pass through the given set of obstacles.
Ice Bucket Balloon - Extreme Challenge

Ice & Balloon Penalty

Make sure you answer right to not get the punishment.
Cart Runner - Extreme Challenge

The Cart Runner

Count your luck, so you get easy punishment to perform.