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Crossfit Challenge

Untamed Crossfit Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge for the Physical & Mental Fitness

The Pressure

Have to overcome the pressure during the practice. Improve your mental strength.

The Energy

Use a balanced set of energy for varied obstacles. Improve your decision ability.

The Spirit

Have a good set spirit to tackle obstacles. It helps you boost your inner confidence.

The Nature

Co-ordinate with team to handle challenges. Helps you to improve team's work ability.

Energy to be Used

Get yourself infused into the effective exercise, where you will get to challenge your inner core strength.

Once In A Life

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The Challenges

Obstacle Race - Extreme Challenge


A perfect crawling is required to win over the obstacle.
Weight Lifting - CrossFit Challenge

Weight Lifting

Lift over the weight and reach the finish line to win.
Tyre Pushing - Crossfit Challenge

Tire Pushing

Push the heavy tires and show the best you have.
Rope Pulling - CrossFit Challenge

Rope Pulling

Pull over the weight and reach the finish line to win.